For my photographic series I choose to work with the smallest instant film available. The miniature size of the format is a conscious choice and stands in opposition to large scale art, questioning the value of bigness and the relevance of size.
Large scale often is a simple expression of boldness, overwhelming the spectator by mere magnitude. Size is still seen as a measurement for power, strength and reliability. The material of the film is strong and plays a decisive role. Negative and positive are interconnected and constitute an integer unit, which has physically been present at the depicted scene.

Ali Zedtwitz studied design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and photography at the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography. As a designer she has worked for Jil Sander, WEEKDAY, writtenafterwards and her own label DIPTYCH. Selected shows include: A Singularity Landscape, FOTO WIEN (Vienna, AT), NANDUR SRAWUNG pranåtåmångså (Yogyakarta, ID), #JapanRevisited202x (Tokyo, JP), POLAROID FESTIVAL (Barcelona, ES), EXPLORASI at HONF (Yogyakarta, ID), FEEL at B[x] Gallery (NewYork, US).